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gl 001MSD of North Posey County Mission

We believe all people in our schools have a right to learn and can learn at different levels and rates"

"We believe learning is the responsibility of the total school community."

MSD of Mt. Vernon Mission

Motivate individuals to succeed
Valuable commnunity partnerships

Passionate teachers and staff
Rigorous curriculum
Integrated technology
Develop critical and creative thinking skills
Engage students, parents, and families

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Director: Jacquelyn Maier
Asst. Director: Dr. Matt Rebeck
Secretary: Helen Seifert

Upcoming Events

Planning for Your Dependent with Special Needs
Thursday, January 28 6:00-7:30 pm
Mt. Vernon High School Cafeteria
Enter through Door 1
Speaker: Gordon Homes, MetLife Representative

2015-16 Assessments

ISTEP Part 1 February 29-March 11
ISTEP Part 2 April 18-May 6
IREAD-3 March 14-18
ISTEP+ ECA (Alg1 and Eng10) April 25-June 1
ISTAR Part 2 January 11-February 5
ISTAR Part 3 April 11-May 20